Gran Lux New York Underground couverture


▎15 juin 19 juin 2005

Cornell • Larry Jordan
End Memory • Pip Chodorov
Hold me while I’m naked • George Kuchar
Hommage to Jean Tinguely’s • Robert Breer
Malanga • K. Dewdney
Rattles & cherries • Shannon Plumb
Scotch tape • Jack Smith
Shalmont field • Shannon Plumb
Shampoo • Shannon Plumb
Spaghetti Aza • Ken Jacobs
Speed racer • Shannon Plumb
The genius trailer • Joe Gibbons
The ontological cow-boy • Marie Losier
Time & fortune Vietnam newsreel • Jonas Mekas
Yayoi Kusama in Central Park • Mike Olshan
Dancing monkey • Nat Zeller
Evenings at home • Gail Gamhi
Fugs • Ed English
Match girl • A. Meyer & V. Hack
Rockflow • Robert Cowan
Start day song • Michael Quinn
The existentialist • Leon Prochnik
Weimar • Joel Schlemowitz
Hotel New York • Jackie Raynal
The poet • Julius Zim
On the bowery • Lionel Rogosin
The pursuit of happiness • Rudy Burckhardt
The climate of New York • Rudy Burckhardt


Under the Brooklyn bridge • Rudy Burckhardt
What Mozart saw on Muslberry street • Rudy Burckhardt
Eastside summer • Rudy Burckhardt
The Aviary nimplight – a fable of fountain • Rudy Burckhardt
Walden • Jonas Mekas
N.Y. N.Y. • Francis Thompson
The city • R. Steiner & W. Van Dyke
The connection • Shirley Clarke
Bridges go round • Shirley Clarke
Fat feet • Red Grooms
Doomshow • Ray Wisniewski
Necrology • Standish Lawder
Skycraper • Shirley Clarke
Echoes of silence • Peter Goldman
Here at the water’s edge • Leo Hurwitz
Ein Marchen aus alten Zeiten • Jonas Mekas
American dream 3 • Moira Tierney
Obliteration of Manhattan • Auguste Varkalis
Hare Krishna • Jonas Mekas
Man walking down the side of a building • Walter Gutman
Square times • Rudy Burckhardt
Man in a bubble • Sidney Peterson
Peace march • Anthony Reveaux
Mosholu holyday • George Kuchar
Go go go • Marie Menken
Lights • Marie Menken
Sidewalks • Marie Menken
Excursion • Marie Menken
Airshaft • Ken Jacobs
Soft rain • Ken Jacobs
Little stars of happiness • Ken Jacobs