▎résidence du 2 septembre au 6 octobre 2013

Une dérive visuelle et sonore.

Une extension de la membrane du haut-parleur dans un labyrinthe d’instants infinis.

Un continuum visuel dans une réinvention de machines pré-cinématographiques telles que le praxinoscope.

▎exposition du 12 septembre au 5 octobre 2013

Liz Racz

Sounds change randomly in an apparently empty space but for two swings… the sounds come from various hidden sources, which respond to tapping, stomping, hitting, or being swung on. Or simply being left alone. Flashing stroboscopic light entices the visitor to peek into two holes where a praxinoscope tells a disjointed story, again and again and again…

The sounds are made from a feedback set-up: contact mics and speakers (and amplifiers) are placed in spots where the resonance of the materials feeds the loops of sounds. The contact mics pick up the sounds and the speakers put them out, the sound is again picked up by the contact mics and the speakers send them out…and so on and on…” Liz Racz